When I started.


This is me 5 years ago when I decided to pick up a camera again. I realised that it had been too long since I experimented and began trying to relearn the basics.

I find that doing wedding photography means that you work under pressure as you have to get shot first time. There are no retries which means that you have to be able to adapt to situations quickly. This meant that researching beforehand was always a Godsend to me. Scouting out the venue, seeing how other photographers work and learning more about the equipment I was using.

One of my goals would be having the opportunity to collaborate with other photographers, even if I worked as assistant for the day. The thought of watching someone's creative process and learning from them, would mean that I could improve and develop my own style and technique.


Accomplishments and Milestones


I was invited to take photos for my friends, Lucy and Paul. I'd met them though work and felt really nervous about taken on my first wedding. For me, wedding is an event where you only have one chance to get it right. There are no retries. Being on the ball is key. I learnt a lot because I had to adjust quickly before I missed the perfect shot.


I decided to take a 25 week photography course because I felt like I need to go back to the beginning and learn the basics. I honestly thought I knew enough about photography to get by but I learnt so much more during those 25 weeks. I began taking photos in the RAW format in addition to AUTO settings which I find allows you to correct contrast, brightness and other setting if needed,

September 2014 - DARREN & SARAH'S WEDDING

It wasn't long until I moved onto my second wedding a few months later, still as nervous as when I was doing the first one. Just because I had completed one wedding didn't mean that I could rest on my laurels.

August 2015 - DEBI & CHRIS' WEDDING

By the time I was asked to take photos at Debi and Chris' wedding, I felt like I had a handle on weddings. I was still nervous, but I think a certain amount of nerves is needed when it comes to important events like this. Otherwise you may become complacent. 

September 2015 - DOUGLAS & EMMA'S WEDDING

Each of the wedding venues have been very different as has the weather. Taking the amount (or lack) of light available at a venue is so important. The church didn't have enough big windows to let in a lot of light, so adjusting is key.


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